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    January 2017 | Posted by Ray

    Hi everyone, by now the silly season is well behind us and the road to the Nationals in Warwick has already begun. With the warm weather around, it's a good time to check the cooling system in your Pontiac, and make sure your a/c (if you have it) cranks cold.

    The NSW team will be heading up to the Nationals a few days before, so if you haven't confirmed your travel arrangements yet, get a move on. Once again I would like to thank all the people in the chapter who have made our club a success for 2016 and hope they will be gracious enough to continue their support and donation of their time in 2017.



    January 2017 | Posted by Chris

    Monthly Meetings
    Held first Tuesday of each month at 8.00pm at the Beenleigh Tavern, 114 Distillery Road, Beenleigh. Use exit 35 off the M1. The Tavern is adjacent to the Main Street roundabout.

    Club Run Phone
    0438 700 607 is the club run phone, which will be available on club run days for contacting us.

    Events Calendar
    Monthly Meetings Club Runs
    No meeting January
    7 February

    Monthly Outing Club Runs
    See our Facebook site at This is an 'open' site - you do not need a Facebook account to view it.



    January 2017 | Posted by Doug

    Happy New Year to all our members and associated families. With the festive season now over we can concentrate on the new year ahead, with club meetings and more cruises. Our last cruise took us back to Tenafeate Winery for a great get-together and a show off of some Pontiac muscle. The Zipple Cruise's are still the most popular for our club, or any American car fanatic. If you need to know any more information on these runs, please ask one of our committee members and I'm sure they will help. If anyone has any interesting stories on auto rebuilds, or any parts for sale, please contact Graham Osley (0409 836 469) and secure a spot in an upcoming magazine.

    As for me it's back to the shed hoping for a miracle and that I might get some where! See you on the road.



    January 2017 | Posted by Bill

    Monthly meet held at the Como Hotel on the First Tuesday of every month at 8pm.

    A timely reminder as the Perth heat sets in with a vengeance - How old is your coolant? You may think you changed it out not long ago, but sit down and do the maths, time has moved on a lot faster than we realise. Another problem pops up with the concentration of coolant - I mix coolant 30% to 70% water as I get pinging if you go to the recommended 50/50%.

    Our big yearly event, the Big Al's run, has had some fairly severe jams ending up with laid up vehicles on the 40 degree days. A few of the associated clubs are doing twilight or night cruises to make the going less arduous. Chrome bumpers have a show coming up at Chidlow in March which looks interesting, details to follow.