Pontiac Nationals 2015 - Goulburn NSW

Our sponsorship is already happening and we have a contact in Goulburn assisting us with our requirements.
As a committee, we are in constant communication with Goulburn tourism and Council, and I will try to keep you all posted on what’s happening in the lead up to this event. We also encourage any members from other states who have contacts that can help us with assistance or sponsorship, to let us know so we can make our club Nationals as successful as possible.
So as in previous years, our Nationals start on Good Friday the 3rd of April 2015. Registration will take place at the Goulburn Tourism Information Centre, 201 Sloane St, Goulburn NSW 2580.
Registration will be from 12.00pm till 4pm. Saturday the 4th of April will see the judging and scrutineering of vehicles who wish to participate in our events. This will be held at the Goulburn Wool Stores, located on Finlay Road, Goulburn NSW 2580. This will start from around 7.30am as we wish to cycle through as many vehicles as possible so we can prep and marshal the vehicles for our street parade.
After judging, all vehicles will proceed to Victoria park (Sieffert Oval) which is located in Faithfull St, Goulburn to marshal for our street parade which will start at 10am. We will drive our cars under police escort down the main street (Auburn St) and finish up parking in Montague St for our Show-n-Shine opposite the historic Goulburn Court House. We hope to finish our Show-n-Shine around 1.30pm - 2pm so people can either go sightseeing, go back to their motels, or go on the Observation Run. We have been advised that nearly all retail shops will be open on Saturday.

Saturday night will be at the Goulburn Soldiers Club located in Market St, Goulburn. You can arrive at any time but we will kick off around 6.30pm with dinner around 7.00pm. We have secured the musical talents of “The Shuffle Boys” who will entertain us throughout the night with rock n roll and sixties music. We will also have a fancy dress theme, thought up by our resident social committee guru Jeff. The idea is to dress up in the decade of your car, let’s say for example… a 1962 Bonneville, you could be dressed like JFK and Marilyn Monroe (early ‘60s), or from the late ‘60s, Laugh-in’s Goldie Hawn. Or a 1971 GTO… 1970s era Richard Nixon, hippies movement, Star Wars etc. For the late eighties, Saturday Night Fever John Travolta and disco the night away. The nineties could be a chapter from that decade.. get the drift? It’s entirely up to you. I can’t wait to see how many guys with cars from the fifties will have the cigarette pack under the sleeve and slicked back hair with a curl at the front, and leather jackets… Don’t forget the comb.

Sunday the 5th of April, our morning events will be at the Marulan Driver Training Centre, 8 Prairie Oak Road, Marulan, NSW. The Marulan Driver Training Circuit is a very technical track with a flowing format. Surrounded by hundreds of acres of natural bush the track is both beautiful and relaxing, and is a welcome break from the cold and unwelcoming feel so many tracks of today have. The track has a huge viewing platform that looks over the majority of the course, and was designed as a place for the participants’ family and friends to watch, have a chat and enjoy something to eat. The event will probably kick off around 9.00am ‘til mid afternoon. You will need to have the appropriate clothing (same as any motorsport event); long pants and shirt or jacket, enclosed footwear, and a proper racing helmet. If you don’t have one that you can borrow or share, you can hire them from the facility. No, you can’t use a bicycle stack hat! (someone has already asked). All helmets must be approved for motor racing and meet all the necessary Australian Standards. There is a day license which needs to be purchased for those intending to compete ($20).
If you attend our events, you will not be disappointed. However feel free to see the sights around Goulburn if you wish to do something different or split your activities up for the weekend. Sunday night it’s back to the Goulburn Soldiers Club for dinner and presentations, the same time as Saturday night and we should be winding up around 10pm. At this stage most start and finish times are subject to change, but we will inform you as the date gets closer to lock these in.
Monday the 6th of April will be our farewell breakfast and depending on the amount of people attending, will determine the location of the venue. As stated before, we will know when final numbers are in and locked and you will be advised of the final times and location for all of our activities. We hope this answers your questions of what is happening on the Nationals weekend.

A big thanks to everyone whohas entered so far, There is still time to enter, as entries close early March. So don’t be late, come down and enjoy yourself for a few days at Easter. Check back for further updates!

I would like at this time to thank the Goulburn Council and Goulburn Tourism Centre for their continued support of our Nationals.

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